Transformer Collection

Everything is being transformed and changing forms – life, consciousness and ... clothes!


The collection is called "Transformation” as it was inspired by the idea to create economical and multifunctional clothing allowing

you to create multiple options for wearing one and the same item of clothing, thus prolonging its life in your wardrobe.



Style and details

The principle of transformation in this collection is that the dress or shirt can be disassembled into functionally separate parts. Draperies and loose details allow you to create new images by transforming a thing. The iconic items of the collection are a jumpsuit with a detachable back, a three-piece dress shirt and detachable shirt collars. The bestseller of the collection is a dress the back of which can also be the front of this dress.

Images SS19 are characterized by deconstruction, geometric shapes, asymmetry and a free silhouette.


Color and material

The predominant color palette of the collection corresponds completely to the brand's DNA – black and white. Monochrome color gamut is diluted with blue, soft blue, lilac and also "dusty" pink.

The fabrics for the collection was selected in favor of such eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and comfortable for daily use fabrics as thin denim and gabardine of tensel, cotton, flax with viscose, silk organza and a clothed thin raincoat fabric.


Black dress with removable collar

Color: black

CO 100%


Shirt with a removable sleeves

Color: white

CO 69%, PL 31%


Dress-transformer with a black skirt

Color: white, black

CO 100%

  • NK-Line Fashion
  • NK-Line Fashion
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