“Mon gothique” (from French - my gothic) is the name of the Juliya Kros’s collection of the season FW20 / 21.  The inspiration was the Gothic period of medieval art, which was originated in France.  The designer considers this style through the prism of modernity and his perception of this historical period.  Since the Gothic style was manifested mainly in architecture, this became the main source of inspiration.  The spire of the cathedral, its shape formed the basis for the cut of almost every model of the collection.

The fanatical religiosity of this period was embodied in white shirts, namely in their collars, the shape and details of which repeat the cassock of the clergyman.  In general, the silhouettes look aristocratically restrained and feminine.

 The collection’s iconic items are a white shirt and an asymmetric belt with a pocket.

 Details - a high stand-up collar decorated with a transformer bow, a free silhouette, an emphasized waistline, deconstruction in a cut and drapery inherent in the style of the brand.

 The black and white colour palette corresponding to the theme of the collection is diluted with beige, blue and olive colours.  Fabrics - costume wool, satin, flowing viscose, cloak, soft tulle and dense shirt cotton.  Monogamous multilayer black images combine various textures of the fabric, which gives them nobility and luxury.

 The integrity of the images was completed by the shoes of the young Ukrainian brand MORKVA, conquering with a bold combination of prints and bright colours.

 A striking addition to the collection was the socks of the Ukrainian brand FEEELINGS from the Luxury collection made of carbonated mercerized Egyptian cotton of the highest quality in the colours of burgundy, terracotta, beige and black.

Spring / Summer 2018

campaign SS2019